Today I am compelled to write about the Learners verses the Doers. Over the weekend, I questioned myself, was I trying to learn too much and telling myself that I still had to understand more before I actually attempted anything, or was I truly properly preparing myself for what I needed to do? I was getting the feeling that maybe I was letting the fear of failing convince me that I did not understand enough and then my first sign came.

  1. Sign number one was a video that appeared on my newsfeed of Seth Godin’s “Quieting the Lizard Brain” where he talks about the fear of failure and never actually delivering the product because one is stuck trying to reach perfection.
  2. The following morning, I watched a webinar where the number one killer of business was “not taking action” or sitting around not doing anything and focusing on learning rather taking action and doing.
  3. My final sign came this afternoon when Donna Merrill used Periscope to discuss “Procrastination: Fear of Failure”.


“I pay attention to the synchronicities in life” –Gabriel Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie App

Yes, Universe, I hear you! Yes, I pay attention to the synchronicities, and yes, it’s time to take action!


You know what I’m talking about when I say perpetual learners, right?

  • The people that hold 5 or 6 college degrees, but no other job than being a TA.
  • The people that are always signing up for webinars and purchasing “How-to” products, but never actually implement the action of doing what they’ve learned.
  • The people that have read every book on said topic, but have no actual experience in implementing what they’ve read.


So what is the difference between information hoarders and action takers? One word: FEAR.


“Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will” – Suzy Kassem


So what do you do to overcome the fear of failure and start taking actions toward progress?


The first step is understanding what exactly it is you’re afraid of. The word “failure” isn’t enough. You’ll need to further define what that failure is to you. More than likely you’re afraid of under-delivering, not beating your competition, and/or appearing to lack knowledge in the area of your expertise. So what do you do other than to continue studying and learning? You take action, that’s what!

  • Quickly devise a plan for removing each of your fears. For example: if under-delivering is a fear, determine how you can ensure customers are happy with their purchase. Maybe that is adding an additional product that compliments your original product at no additional cost to the customer. Consider PLR products, or short 1-3 minute videos from other experts in your field with knowledge that would support users of your products, and offer great customer service to answer questions your customers may have after purchase.
  • Shift Your Perspective – Your idea of perfection is generally different from others ideas of perfection. If your product (or service) can aid others or act as a solution for a problem others have, does it need to fit your idea of perfection? Most people would answer ‘no’ to this question. Most people would simply be happy that there was a solution or service offered that does, in fact, help others.
  • Continue to Perfect AFTER Delivery – Experts never cease learning, that’s how they remain at the top of their fields. As you continue to learn, you can continue to offer better solutions and services. These solutions and services should be upsells and/or giveaways to loyal customers. Perfection is an illusion while evolution is not. As you continue to learn and grow and put that knowledge into action, developing more products and services for your clients, your business evolves and remains relevant to the times.



Don’t stay stuck in the learning rut, but rather continue to learn, act and repeat. You’ll not only feel more accomplished, but your customers will be grateful.





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