Pick ME!

Remember the days when you were standing outside on the playground and there were two captains, picking teams to play kickball. Everyone stood silently as one by one, the teammates were chosen. No one wanted to be the last to be picked and no one wanted to show how important it was to be first. Silently, we waited while loudly our minds screamed “Pick Me!”

The times in my life where I was the last to be chosen aren’t many, but each one stung and burned in ways that made me understand that I am competitive by nature. I don’t view life or love as games, but I so badly want to win in them both. So, how do you win if you don’t want to play? Simply said – it can’t be done. So you choose, to be a spectator or to get on the game field and wait to be picked. Now I’ve never been one for waiting around, so I’m always practicing, honing my skills, trying to perfect my crafts of living and loving, ultimately trying to put myself in the top spot – the first to be picked. I want that spot and I want everyone to know that I won. That’s right – I’ve got an ego and she is big, but I’ve also got a heart and she is strong, so together they make one competitive, confident, talented, skill-honing woman who is still standing secretly thinking “Pick Me!”

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