Monday Motivation

It’s Monday and hopefully, you spent the weekend refueling your tank of willpower.

That’s right, if you didn’t already know, willpower comes in limited supply and much like gas in our cars, when we use it, we have to replace it.

Soooo…On Monday’s when we’re setting out our tasks to accomplish for the week, it’s best to get the most important items checked off our lists first. Another great idea, is constant refueling of your willpower. Below are some great tips for keeping your willpower tank from reaching empty too soon:

  • Make a plan– Resist temptations that draw on your willpower. From dieting to focus to work, the more temptations that you allow to present themselves, the more willpower you use to say “no”. These things may seem little at the beginning of the day, but think back to the last time you stuck to diet all day, avoiding those doughnuts at work, and then at 10pm gave in and ate everything in your kitchen. That’s right, you ran out of willpower and that’s why you failed at completing your day of healthy eating. Reducing your interaction with temptation helps ensure your willpower tank isn’t depleted too quickly. (Apps like “Kill News Feed” can help with maintaining focus while working online).
  • Complete one goal at time– Complete one task at a time. Create new habits one habit at time. Don’t try to tackle everything at once or else you’ll end up accomplishing very little. Once new habits have had adequate time to form and set in, they no longer require as much willpower to maintain. Think twice before starting a new work project and workout plan at the same time. If possible, give yourself 21-42 days to allow a new habit to set-in before tackling the next big project or change.
  • Fuel up– Your brain runs on glucose (blood sugar) and skipping meals, which many of us are guilty of when working diligently on a project, and exerting self-control (willpower and focus) leaves brain cells burning through glucose at a rapid pace. Therefore, eating at regular intervals, avoiding dips in blood sugar levels, can help keep your willpower tank from emptying too soon.
  • Consider your motivation– it’s often difficult to remain focused and draw on our willpower when we’re tired and overworked. Keeping your motivation or end goal in mind certainly helps, that’s why vision boards or dream boards have become so wildly popular. Keep both a mental and physical image readily available as a reminder of where your hard work is taking you.


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