Empower You Client Services Team for the Win!

Up Your Game

If you know me, you know how I feel about client services and team work! These are two of the biggest components when it comes to powering your company.

Your team has the ability to turn each customer into a walking billboard for your company, but how do you ensure that billboard is a sign of praise, rather protest?

In my article, published on Switch and Shift, you’ll learn about mistakes we’ve made, how we corrected them, and why I both empower my team and keep an ear to the ground!

It’s not uncommon for me, the CEO of JVZoo, to pop into our help desk or Facebook page and answer support questions myself to ensure we’re continually servicing our clients and understanding what their needs of our platform are.

There’s some valuable lessons we’ve learned and share here, as well as some awesome tweetables!

Check out my full article on Switch & Shift

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