Laura Casselman has… and now you can get her on board as your own personal Executive Coach and save millions on costly mistakes!

Listen… Most business owners are very good at what they do… you probably are too.

Unfortunately they also often get stuck in a rut with only two directions to go... forwards or backwards.

For you this might actually be your comfort zone and you may not even realize that you have a problem... that sometimes you need to change direction!

This inertia causes some serious issues for thousands of businesses every single year and you’ll probably recognize some of these:

Whether you have a good or bad financial year seems to be mostly dependent on pure luck and there is not much you as an owner can do to change the outcome. You are either not seeing any growth or experiencing faster growth than your organization can adapt to.

You spend a lot of your time reacting to external circumstances such as new legislation or macro economic changes… rather than being proactive and being ready for whatever life throws at your business.

You are surrounded by “yes men”... after all, your average employee has zero interest in rocking the boat. Nobody asks the tough questions, unless you do. It can feel very lonely at the top, when you’re running and growing a business.

You have outgrown your current network and you are lacking some like minded people to bounce ideas against, to ask for advice from... and someone who can help you think outside your current box!

You fail to plan ahead, you’re not setting goals and as a result you are slogging ahead without striving to achieve something. The big dreams remain; “something for next year, when the economy is better!”

You fail to adapt to changes in the market, the economy, your customer demographics or new technology. Just ask Blockbuster or Toys R’ Us how devastatingly painful this can be!

You are stuck doing things; the way we’ve always done them! ... without really knowing why. Every single company Laura ever worked with has had a $60K+ per year employee sitting in a corner somewhere, without anyone knowing what he does to earn that money.

This may seem a bit harsh and it would be very unlike for everything above to apply to your business. But if you are 100% honest with yourself, quite a few of the things above do apply to you and your business.

And that’s fine… this is all fixable as long as you…

Forget About The Army Of “All Talk” Consultants

You see… the traditional way to go about this would be to hire a bunch of expensive consultants to help analyze and optimize your business.

Good luck with that… Most of these so-called consultants have never held an executive position in their life.

They are all talk and zero experience.

You don’t want to hire your way out of the problem either. That new CMO or COO you bring on will quickly slip into your company culture, bring zero change… except for another huge monthly cost.

It’s Time For Real Change And Big Results

Laura Casselman is the CEO of tech giant where she managed to increase profits by 51% in her first full year as CEO.

Whatever difficulties you are currently facing… whatever dreams you have.

Laura has tried it, pushed through and she knows how to achieve the (almost) impossible.

With Laura as your Executive Coach you get the “doer”... the person who has tried it all and knows what it feels like.

Laura’s “get it done” attitude, and no-nonsense approach to business means that she not only expects change… she will pursue it with a laser targeted focus.

So if you are here because you want to hear that everything is fine and nothing has to change… then you are definitely on the wrong page!

On the other hand, if you are ready to take a step back and allow Laura to take a critical look at your business...

Then Laura can almost immediately help you:

Grow your business,
your sales and revenue

Cut cost
and increase your productivity

Optimize your process
and Get the most out of your team

Laura believes in leading by example and you’ll instantly benefit from her extensive experience and from the fact that she has helped ALL the companies she has worked with achieve astonishing results...

She currently consults for the fastest growing financial publisher in the world. She has helped them identify roadblocks that would hamper growth, put in processes to streamline operations while making sure they are legally protected. All of which has helped them grow to consistently seeing $2 million or more in monthly revenue.

She helped one New York fitness company increase their staff retention rate by 22%

She turned into one of the world’s leading and fastest growing affiliate networks, achieving significant growth from $150M to $1 billion

Consulting another NYC fitness facility she helped grow their sales volume and clientele more than 121% within the first 12 month

With Laura at the helm JVZoo has increased production to more than 6,000 transactions per day and they now successfully answer more than 500 help desk tickets with a more than 90% satisfaction rate.

As a consultant she helped a major Sports Management company maintain more than $8M in annual sales while significantly reducing advertising cost.

Coming on as an executive coach she helped elevate the Launch Express from a small marketing agency with 11% monthly profit... to a 7 figures per year company with healthy 50% profit margins.

A major sports therapy company also benefited from Laura’s insights as her consulting , helped them implement strict cost controls, reducing company expenses by 16%, while still increasing revenue by 20% year over year

These are just some of the many results Laura has helped create over recent years.

But this is about you and your company, so…

What Can Laura Do For You Today?

The simple answer to that question is… “whatever you need!”

And crucially, if you don’t know what you need… she will tell you!

Just understand this… Laura is not running a cookie cutter coaching program.

Being your Executive Coach means that Laura will be there for you… all the time.

When you need to...

Talk contracts

Optimize processes

Adapt and grow

Hire the right people

Fire the ones holding you back

Fire the ones holding you back

Find your focus areas

Find your focus areas

Then Laura will be just a phone call away… and two steps ahead of you.

This Is Not For Everyone!

Laura only wants to work with companies and owners that are already out there doing it.

Companies that are already seeing 7 figure revenue and want to push that to 8 soon.

If your business is still in an “I might do this” phase, then please do not apply... this will not help you and you will be wasting your own and Laura’s time.

That said - if you already have an active business with staff and a decent yearly revenue.

This is your chance to bring on Laura as your own personal executive coach.

Wherever Laura goes she leaves a positive impact on people and businesses and...

Now it’s your turn to have a multi-award winning CEO in your corner.

To bounce your ideas against someone with the experience and guts to “say it how it is”.

And a chance to cut months… even years of your company's growth curve... by getting it right the first time!

If you are ready to work with Laura personally and allow her to help you take your business to the next level.

Then click the button below to contact Laura’s team and schedule an appointment today to see if you qualify...

P.S. This is not a coaching program. There is no set curriculum or schedule. Laura wants to be your personal executive consultant and she will tailor everything specifically to your needs and goals.

P.P.S. Laura is a busy CEO with many projects and responsibilities. Her time is very limited and she will only ever take on a small handful of clients. This will be handled on a first come, first served basis. Don’t delay, apply today!

These companies have all benefited from Laura’s insights