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Climb The Money Ladder Without Losing Your Soul

Since I was 3 years old my sole focus was to become a Radio City Rockette. So perhaps it was a surprise to most that I ended up as a CEO of a major tech company where our 1,000,000+ active affiliate marketers have now made 6,085 sales on average… per day… every day since late 2011.

Trust Your Increments contains all the lessons I have learned on my journey from a one stoplight southern town to performing on stage in the Christmas Spectacular.

From entering the boardrooms of NYC to heading back down south to spearhead JVZoo, an industry leader that has been listed on the Inc. 5000 of America’s fastest growing companies four times.

The good, the bad and the really ugly… because in a corporate world that is still very male dominated with blatant sexism, wage inequality, and one episode so bad it made my dad drive cross country to “rescue” me... there were plenty of ugly stories.

Trust Your Increments is not a #metoo exposé though. It’s not an indignant cry of outrage.

Play The Game. Change The Rules. Do Good.

My mantra has always been that you need to “play the game until you get into the position to change the rules”. If we want corporate America to change for the better, we need more good people in the boardroom.

The goal of Trust Your Increments is to help people climb the money ladder and achieve success, without losing their soul. If we can get enough good people in the boardroom to create lasting changes for the better… nothing would make me happier than declaring this book redundant 10 years from now.

You Don’t Have To Be Wonder Woman

If you want something, the first step is to ask for it and Trust Your Increments aims to show a new generation of business leaders how to get what they want and what they are worth. It’s not your traditional self-help book that you immediately forget about, because implementing what was taught requires you to be a flawless Wonder Woman in perfect control over your life.

As the name says Trust Your Increments focuses on small incremental steps you can make today. It’s a book you can take out to read the relevant chapters as you need them, before a job interview, a wage negotiation or when you need to motivate yourself or your team to be the best you can be.

Trust Your Increments will be a reality check and kick in the pants for most. An empowering and inspiring way to forge ahead in corporate America and hopefully a way to foster change for the better by helping more good people into the boardrooms.

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