Born and raised in a small, one stoplight Southern town with only 17 graduates in her senior high school class, Laura was never destined for the boardrooms of corporate America...

… they just forgot to tell her that!

As a child Laura already showed extraordinary ambition and drive and she wasn’t more than 3 years old when she decided that she wanted to become a Radio City Music Hall Rockette

It was more than a fleeting childhood fantasy and Laura stayed dedicated to her goal. She trained hard every single day, perfecting her dancing all the way through school and college.

After college it was time to move to New York City to pursue her big dream. Millions of young Americans move to the big city every year. They wait tables while hoping to make it in Hollywood or on Broadway. Nothing wrong with doing good honest work, but Laura took a different approach.


Laura sought out jobs in Corporate America and during every interview she made sure to let them know that she was in NYC to become a Rockette and that she would be unavailable for 3 months of the year when she made it.

Perhaps not your best interview opener, but Laura’s drive and honesty made the gamble pay off and she started her corporate career at a New York Sports Club… of course she also beat the odds to claim one of the coveted spots as a Rockette!

Juggling a corporate career with professional dancing is what made the real magic happen...

Because Laura had to be away for 3 months of the year performing in the Rockettes’ Christmas Spectacular, she had to perform better than everyone else or lose her job.

She was challenged to grow and this is when things really began to take off.

Laura put processes in place that would motivate her entire team, sharing her sales bonuses with them to increase work ethic and morale.

For 3 months every year, she would leave the office to pursue her passion and fulfill her Rockette duties, returning after each trip to find her team was performing at their highest capacity. Laura’s team took care of her, because she was taking care of them.

She made a quick rise through the corporate ranks and more often than not her stints with the Rockettes were rewarded with raises and promotions when she returned to the office.


In 2009 it was time for Laura to hang up her heels and retire from professional dancing.

Ready for a new challenge she stepped into her first executive position as the Vice President of Operations at a national physiotherapy chain, and followed that by becoming the liaison for the World Trade Center litigation.

Later Laura joined JVZoo.com, first as a contractor but quickly rising to COO and now CEO. The innovative tech giant has changed the face of online marketing and with Laura at the helm they have been able to accomplish astonishing growth with back to back listings on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest growing companies.

JVZoo has benefited greatly from Laura’s seventeen years of experience in increasing sales and revenue, improving customer service, and working to control expenses in competitive markets.

She has proven again and again that she’s a “doer”, an action taker and a go-getter… and her unique ability to transfer this attitude to get the most out of any team and her laser targeted focus on reaching goals, has moved JVZoo to the pinnacle of the industry.


Chances are you’re probably not looking for a dancing career on Broadway…

But no matter if you want to kickstart your career, climb the corporate ladder or grow your own business…

Then Laura can show you how to set goals that make your journey effective and exactly how to make sure you always reach your destination. She can teach you how to get the most out your team and any situation

And she can impart some of that life changing go-getter attitude that will allow you to accomplish anything you desire.

Speaking of taking action… it starts right here, right now!

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