What is Team IW About?

Team IW (Independent Woman) is a inclusive movement for more than women. Understanding that real change takes both good women and good men, Team IW seeks to bring more than only awareness, but to inspire people to take action - standing for equal rights and wage, and against bullying, violence, slavery, and discrimination.
If you have a mother, if you have a daughter, if you are a female, if you know a female that you respect, love, or remotely care about her well being, we invite you to join the movement.



Is to serve as a reminder to women that hard times never last, but strong women do, that being a boss doesn't mean being rude, kindness will never go out of style, financial independence is the ultimate empowerment, and the prettiest women in the world are the ones who are happy.


Is to continuously inspire a community of supportive, tenacious, and driven women, encourage them to become boss of their lives, and embrace the power of collaboration, because we aren’t breaking the rules - simply making new ones!


One Good Man Creed

There’s an important role for men in women’s equality and Team IW is the biggest fan of Good Men! Understanding that gender-equal societies are better places to live for everyone, Team IW invites men to be an active part in the conversation on safeguarding and promoting women’s rights by reviewing our One Good Man Creed and joining us in advancing women’s equality.

View the One Good Man Creed Here

Stand Against Bullies

Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.

Team IW does not believe in turning a blind eye to bullying. When able, we will intervene immediately and ensure everyone involved is safe. If there is a weapon involved, we will notify the authorities and if necessary call for medical assistance. We will remain calm and put kindness first. Afterall, we believe being kind trumps being cool every day!