A Job Well Done Isn’t Always Rewarded

A Job Well Done Isn’t Always Rewarded
Especially When You’re a Woman

You’ve sat at the table, you’ve leaned in, you’ve upped your game and now all hell has broken loose. Sound familiar?

Most every female who has climbed the ladder of success has experienced this multiple times. And while the majority of the backlash comes from men, other women have also shown their true colors and exposed their fear when another woman sits at their table. The more intelligent and strong women that rise to the top, the more threatened some people become. The reason as to why: we are still a long way from EQUALITY.

We have yet to reach the balance of EQUAL Treatment, EQUAL Consideration for C-Level jobs, and EQUAL Pay. And until we do reach that level where all men accept that we are EQUALLY Intelligent and EQUALLY Qualified, until more than one seat opens for us at each table, women will continue to feel threatened when another female encroaches on her turf.

So what do you do when you want to be the woman who supports other women?
What do you do when you’re the woman dealing with the backlash of your own success?

You put your fear aside and you keep fighting for EQUALITY.

Trust me ladies, this is no time to get territorial and show weakness. It takes far more confidence and strength to sit comfortable in your own position and welcome another female to your table.

Here a few tips for both maintaining your own confidence level at the table AND supporting other women joining the table:

  • Remember you’ve earned your seat at the table
  • Refuse to wrestle with pigs, but don’t be a doormat either. Be the change we need for Equality.
  • Encourage newcomers to the table to speak up with their ideas.
  • Engage good business practices – don’t interrupt others speaking
  • Don’t allow others to be interrupted. If required, stop the interruptor and circle back to original person speaking.
  • Support colleagues – both male and female.
  • Give credit where credit is due – especially when it’s a an idea or job well done by a female colleague.

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