Want to Turn Your Dream Into a Profitable Business?

Turning your passion project into a lucrative endeavor requires some research, planning, and a little help from your friends.

Whether you telecommute, you sell products on Etsy, or you have started a new web-based business, an internet connection is the new cornerstone of commerce.

You love the idea of being your own boss, you’ve got a dream, but what you really need is to make money!

What’s most important – the dream, the money, or both? Should your personal passions be leveraged for money, or is that even possible?

Hard work, persistence, and planning are still critical to taking your business from a pie-in-the-sky dream to a profitable business endeavor.

Read my four tips, published in Startups.co, to learn how seize huge opportunity and claim financial freedom while turning your passion project into a lucrative business.

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Entrepreneur.com Article

I am thrilled to have my article about JVZoo’s success “How to Reach the 5-Year Mark Without Imploding” featured on Entrepreneur.com

As the article is already published on their website, I’m providing the direct link. CLICK HERE TO READ!
I’d love for you to check it out and learn more about JVZoo.  Getting started is the hard part but the real challenge is staying alive.

The key to growing your six-figure microbusiness into a seven-figure small business is so simple that it’s easy to forget.

Lesson on Glass Ceilings

A Lesson On Glass Ceilings

(Clears throat and steps on soapbox)

Glass Ceilings are by definition the invisible, but unreachable barrier of professional advancement of women and minorities. Currently, due to the USA’s Presidential Election results, we are hearing increased discussion surrounding this topic. Today, in particular, I feel an overwhelming need to bring some pieces of this discussion presently being overlooked and/or buried to light.

When it comes to breaking down barriers, those of us fighting for progress, must acknowledge each and every advancement. In the days following our election results, I’ve read countless posts about the lack of advancement and how Clinton not winning is proof that females are ultimately pulling each other back. When I’ve pointed out the following, my responses have been deleted. Therefore, I’m posting this article which I’ll share on my social media outlets to ensure the females screaming injustice are not the only voices being heard.

Whether or not your candidate of choice won this election, history was made and a glass ceiling was broken by a female. Clinton did not gain the seat of highest office in our country, but a female did lead a successful, presidential campaign. I’m talking about Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager. Never before has this happened, yet there’s hardly any talk or coverage of this huge win for ALL females. You see, it does not matter if you supported Trump’s message or not, if you point out glass ceilings and scream injustice, then you must take note when a female plows right through one. There can be no cherry picking here. To do so boldly states that some glass ceilings are acceptable. In other words, the glass ceilings that prevent a female from succeeding when it’s a topic, candidate, or simply anything else that you don’t personally like is tolerable, but ladies, that sentiment goes against the core of equality.

We must be better! There is no choice here if we truly want to remove all glass ceilings.

We cannot loudly demand equality and then crouch down and whisper or outright ignore when equality is achieved. We must emphatically celebrate all wins! We must not make excuses when a female succeeds and claim that particular female has so much self-hatred deeply ingrained that she does not even realize her success was wrong. We cannot claim the 42% of women who voted for Trump must also be pitied as they, too, are full of self-hatred and fear. We cannot claim these things because they are inaccurate. We have polls that prove women (and men) feel that it is time for a female leader, but they did not feel Clinton should be that leader. We have statistics proving many educated women and minorities did not trust Clinton. To ignore those statistics and claim those educated and informed females should have gone against their doubts and distrust of Clinton is an insult to those women. To claim “oh their self-hatred is so deep, they aren’t even aware” is not only false, it’s a miscategorization and an injustice. I’m sorry ladies, but that is comparable to claiming a rape victim asked for it! Kellyanne does not hate herself. She isn’t conditioned by society to lack self-love or respect and to claim that for her, or any female that made a decision not to vote for Clinton, is not only done in gross ignorance, it is the epitome of hypocrisy.

This week, whether or not you are saddened by Clinton’s loss, whether or not you are peacefully protesting, and whether or not you are looking ahead to the day a female FINALLY does claim the title of President of the United States, if you truly want equality you must acknowledge and celebrate the glass ceiling Kellyanne Conway shattered into millions of pieces.

I see you Kellyanne! I am celebrating your victory! I won’t cherry pick the victories I celebrate, especially one of this magnitude. You, Kellyanne, are proof that intelligent women are rising up and outperforming others. I’m loudly celebrating your victory because it does not matter if I supported Trump or Clinton, your win was a first of its kind for women and I will not cower in a corner and pretend I’m ashamed of your accomplishments. Your success does not represent Trump, but rather a job well done!

I love successful, intelligent, hardworking, passionate, and driven women. I like to consider myself one of those women. And I will not be belittled or take part in the belittling of another woman by claiming “ingrained self hatred” because we may or may not have voted differently. I support every, single, woman and minority out here hammering hard away at the glass ceiling and blowing it to pieces.

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Get down to business with your startup

Get Down to Business with Your Startup

When you’re first starting out in creating your own business, it’s both exciting and at times, overwhelming. You know why you started and what you want to do, however the many steps it takes to get to where you want to be can seem daunting. The following steps can help you get down to business with your startup while keeping focused on the important tasks at hand.


The experts or gurus will tell you that you need to find your niche and most importantly, a niche market that will pay for your product or service. And while they are correct – it’s not always straightforward.


When you start out, plant your business seeds far and wide. Be prepared for failures and non-starters, and rather be disappointed, use these as a guide to narrowing down your niche and create a base for building your business. This base will be your target market.


Finding customers at the beginning can be a challenge. Using your personal network (friends, family, colleagues, etc.) is a great way to start spreading the word, especially if you have a consumer-focused product. Word-of-mouth won’t get you far when you’re just starting out, but it will get you started, so don’t be shy when it comes to spreading the word or asking for personal favors with your new business.


Balance is key when offering free options. Allowing people to sample your product with no financial risk to encourage them to sign up for the paid service is a great way to build your customer base. When offering free services, keep two things in mind: 1. Your free offering has to be of value to the customer 2. You must hold enough back to make people want to upgrade.


Knowing and understanding your customer is vital to creating a product or service that basically sells itself. Whether responding directly to every comment on social media or customer support, or following review sites, use each of these situations as a chance to survey your customers on their wants and needs. The better you know your customers, the easier it is to tailor your products and services.


Happy customers (which you’ve created with your stellar customer service and tailored products) are the best salespeople. They know the value of your product and feel taken care of. Incentivize customers to share (sell for you) by giving them a reason to get other people to sign up or purchase your product.


Once you start receiving traffic to your website, you’ll need to focus on converting visitors into customers. From website design to product pricing, many factors are involved in determining your conversion rates. To determine what works best, you’ll need to test, test, and test again. You’ll find that the most successful entrepreneurs never stop testing and never assume. They’re always running split tests or A/B tests to determine the best conversion rates.


Starting your own business isn’t an easy task, which is why 9 out of 10 startups fail. As GI Joe said, “Knowing is half battle” while the other half is having a product that meets the needs of your customers and working diligently, intelligently, and consistently.

Rarely do successes happen overnight. If you really want to succeed in your startup business, take the tips offered above, hunker down, and get to work.

The Greats Meditate

Meditation always seemed like some hippie, tree-hugging, granola thing that required a certain down-to-earthiness that I knew as a Type-A, I did NOT possess.  In the past, when I was stressed at work and a colleague recommended meditation, I’d politely thank them and walk away thinking about how much I had to do and that I didn’t have the time to sit cross-legged with my palms up, chanting or humming or whatever was done. Honestly, the thought of doing something like that stressed me out even more than I already was.

When I reached the point in my career where most people would be satisfied with the title and pay I possessed, I realized that I wasn’t fulfilled and still wanted more out of my career, but the things that used to work to propel me forward, simply weren’t getting me any further.

That’s when I started researching what the top CEO’s and Entrepreneurs have in common and learned that many of them meditate.

Thankfully, I’m not dumb enough to think I know better than Oprah, so I bought my first book on meditating and committed myself to 40 days of the practice.

I certainly haven’t mastered the art of meditation, but I realize that I’m more mindful, self-aware, less stressed, happier, and by starting each day off with meditation, I’m accomplishing more at a faster pace than ever before. Another great benefit is that I’m becoming more open to new ideas and even hired a business coach that I’m learning incredible amounts from.

I’m not a meditation guru and the only advice I can provide is this:

  • Read a book on meditation that provides instruction and describes the benefits
  • Commit to your practice for at least 3 minutes for 30 days, preferably first thing in the morning. The first week, I only did 1 minute a day as I was still a skeptic, but even that 1 minute produced results.
  • Be aware of your thoughts. If you find your mind drifting to your day’s to-do list, etc., there’s no need to chastise yourself. Simply redirect your focus back to your mediation.
  • Start with positive thoughts. For the first 40 days I meditated on very simple affirmations that set the tone for my day. I’ve listed some of these for you:
    • My thoughts create my reality, so I focus on positivity
    • I am happy for the success of others – there’s enough for all of us
    • I have infinite potential to accomplish my goals and dreams
    • The attitude and energy I put out is what I receive back
    • When I focus on what I do have, I create more of what I want.

I recommend downloading the free app “Spirit Junkie” for more of these short daily affirmations for meditation.

There’s no reason to start meditating because I’m recommending it and you can Google all the CEO’s who practice meditation and believe it’s a key component in their success.

I’ll just leave you with these 3 names: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey. BAM!


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