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I am thrilled to have my article about JVZoo’s success “How to Reach the 5-Year Mark Without Imploding” featured on Entrepreneur.com

As the article is already published on their website, I’m providing the direct link. CLICK HERE TO READ!
I’d love for you to check it out and learn more about JVZoo.  Getting started is the hard part but the real challenge is staying alive.

The key to growing your six-figure microbusiness into a seven-figure small business is so simple that it’s easy to forget.

Misspellings and Grammar Mistakes cost online sales

Misspellings and Your Bottom Line

It’s a pet peeve of mine: misspelled words in professional publications, business sites, group pages, emails, and/or blogs.  It frustrates me that the person writing the article or post could not be bothered to take the time to proofread, ensuring what they deemed important enough to write was spelled correctly.

While this topic is something on which my boss and I disagree and playfully argue, I both blame my mother and thank her for emphasizing the importance of proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as research proves I am not alone in my lack of tolerance.

In fact, and most importantly, studies show that even one spelling error can reduce a company’s online sales in half.

With the average reader spending fifteen seconds or less on your website before deciding if he will continue reading or move on, it’s imperative that whatever the consumer decides to view in that fifteen seconds is correct. Errors in punctuation, grammar, and/or spelling repel potential consumers, who often link such mistakes with a lack of credibility and security.

I am reminded of a substitute teacher my class had in the fifth grade. On her first day, she wrote “Congradulations” on the blackboard. I did not trust her to teach me anything after she misspelled that one word. Misspellings equal distrust.

Whether you personally feel strongly about taking the time to ensure your company Facebook posts, advertisements, emails and announcements have no errors, you should feel strongly about the bottom line. It’s worth the additional time and money to have someone proofread all public communication.

Remember that even one error can cost you up to 50% in online sales!